An Advocate of SMEs

An Advocate of SMEs

Dinesh has spearheaded several path breaking initiatives to promote the use of technology in the Indian SME space. He has successfully pursued his dream of getting millions of SMEs online, connecting them to the outside world beyond the national boundaries. His contribution to the sector by promoting the growth of their businesses has been widely acknowledged.

He has built several platforms for SMEs like IndiaMART Emerging Business Forum (in association with Zee Business) to raise the concerns of SMEs, and Leaders of Tomorrow Awards (in association with ET Now) to give due recognition to SMEs for their contribution towards the industry. He continues to participate in key industry forums which are organized to contribute to the welfare of SMEs.

He has used multiple platforms to voice his concerns for SMEs in areas like GST, taxation, infrastructure, power, technology, etc. He is a firm believer of empowering SMEs with the best infrastructure and other facilities that can enable them to compete at a global level.

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