An Angel Investor

An Angel Investor

An Angel Investor

Dinesh is recognized as one of the most respected and successful angel investors in the industry. He is actively involved in incubating startups, and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world begin and grow into successful companies. Having invested in over 35 start-up companies, he actively mentors them in order to help them successfully grow and deliver. Some of his top investments include –
1) Inner Chef Private Limited
2) Red Brick Lane Marketing Solutions Private (Zapr)
3) Ozonetel Systems
4) Little Eye Software Labs Private Limited (the Indian software tool-making startup acquired by Facebook)
5) Browntape Technologies Pvt Ltd
6) UBIDA Solutions Pvt Ltd (
7) India Healthcare Pvt Ltd (
8) Silveredge Technologies Pvt Ltd (
9) Nityaa Technosys Pvt Ltd (
10) Careerstack Innovations Pvt Ltd (Hackerearth)
11) Caramel Marketing Services Pvt Ltd (Pokkt)
12) Overcart
13) 10times
14) Daily Rounds
15) Flintobox
16) Silversparro Technologies
17) Timesaverz
18) Whatfix
19) Whishberry
20) Yellow Ant
21) Biosense Technologies
22) Careesma India
24) DocsApp
25) Eduflix
26) Employee Social
27) Gigstart
28) Gingr
29) Greymeter
30) Mintzone
31) PlayCez
32) PosterGully
33) Ridingo – Acquired by Carzonrent
34) Splitkart E-Services Pvt. Ltd.
35) Tiny Surprise India
36) Trip Tern
37) TripMD
39) We Are Holidays (Shares Sold)

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