An Advocate of SMEs

An Advocate of SMEs

Dinesh has led various revolutionary ideas to promote and help Indian SMEs worldwide to grow as entities. His contribution to Indian businesses is widely acknowledged by the industry and the media.

Throughout the journey of IndiaMART, Dinesh has ensured the constant focus on B2B eCommerce. He wanted to provide a platform to Small & Medium Enterprises and make the internet simple for the growing community of SMEs. He has successfully pursued his dream of getting millions of SMEs online and connecting them to the outside world.

He has also formulated numerous initiatives, programmes and strategies for SMEs, like IndiaMART emerging Business Forum in association with Zee Business to solve the concerns of SMEs. He also instituted Leaders of Tomorrow Awards in association with ET Now to give due recognition to SMEs for their contribution towards the industry.

Dinesh also participates in key industry forums which are organized to contribute to the welfare of SMEs and have raised voice on multiple concerns like GST, taxation, infrastructure, power, technology, etc. He believes in empowering and facilitating SMEs with the best infrastructure which enables them to compete at a global level and have a growing impact on the Indian economy.

Besides this, he believes that the Government needs to undertake major reforms for the Indian industry, in order to play a major role in the global supply chain. Although Digital India initiatives (4G services, Bhim UPI, GST,e-way etc) have helped the SMEs to come online and has shown them the digital way of doing businesses, he considers that the government can do much more. He thinks that the Government can redraw its intent on additional working capital requirements with the paramount principle to embrace equality in all the businesses by the Investors, media as well as Government (whether it is a debt funding, equity financing, or whether it is a debt funding in way of collateral). Equal treatment will help in bringing the small businesses in par with the remaining ones.

Moreover, he advocates that the government should encourage Indian manufacturers to develop products that are imported from other countries. In addition, the government should also focus on simplification and infrastructure whether it is a GST, e-way bill and toll tax simplification to lesser bureaucracy. Building infrastructure is very important since private companies can’t build infrastructure by themselves. Hence, more simplification and infrastructure is the key to ease out doing business in India.

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