EducationDinesh Agarwal was born 19 February 1969 in Nanpara, Bahraich District Uttar Pradesh and was an intelligent & hardworking student who had goals to fulfil from early childhood. Dinesh studied at Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya Inter College, Lucknow and completed B.Tech engineering degree with a specialization in computer science from the Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur.

After the completion of his education, Dinesh initially worked with CMC Limited, where he was associated with the centralized Railway Reservation Systems Project during its early development stages. Thereafter, he got attached with the Centre for Development of Telematics (C-Dot) and was a part of the team working on Rural Automatic Exchange. After that, he moved to America and took up a job as a systems analyst at HCL Technologies. At HCL, he was assigned to work for some top companies of the world at the time like Bank of America, Novell Netware, UB Networks, etc.

In August 1995, he returned to India with his wife and child and started looking for internet-related opportunities to become an internet entrepreneur. Agarwal then decided to make a website that would be an online marketplace for exporters and importers.

Finally, he settled on building a platform for businesses to display products via dedicated Web pages. He named the venture, IndiaMART. The idea was to help the small and medium enterprises in the country market their products and services.

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