About Dinesh

Dinesh is a leading internet entrepreneur, angel investor and an evangelist for the SMEs of the country. He is among the few in India who managed to survive the Dotcom Bust in 2000, 9/11 incident and the slowdown in 2008. The man behind establishment of the e-marketplace, IndiaMART, in the year 1996, Dinesh is the chief driving force behind getting millions of SMEs online and expanding the marketplace to over 100 cities in the country. His experience has been utilized in a wide range of industries like online marketplace, mobile internet, online classifieds, travel, etc.

Dinesh possesses a clear vision for new strategies that can improve the landscape of small and medium businesses in the country. He is a leading innovator in the internet space and possesses a wealth of

knowledge and experience in successfully utilizing it to create business growth opportunities for the SMEs and empowering them. His role is vital in jumpstarting various crucial initiatives for the industry, lending significantly to its growth and development.

Dinesh has been instrumental in building leadership talent and substantially strengthening organisational capabilities. His strength lies in his expertise in handling complex and sensitive issues related to the overall management of the system. Known for his business acumen and an eye for detail, Dinesh has always understood the needs of the Indian businesses and adapted the marketplace model from time to time to best suit their requirements. 

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